Iconic brands

57 varieties by royal appointment

From holding a Royal Warrant to being part of world records, Heinz has been one of the most loved and trusted brands for 150 years.

American entrepreneur, Henry J. Heinz, founded the company in 1869. Since then, Heinz soups, sauces and beans have become a global kitchen staple. And HM the Queen officially appointed Heinz Foods UK Limited in 1951.

Abel + Imray was involved in registering HEINZ 57 VARIETIES, HP and HEINZ in 1910 and 1911 at the UKIPO. Heinz also has an EU trademark for its ‘keystone device’ that’s printed on a turquoise background for goods in Classes 29, 30 and 32. Interestingly, the idea for ‘57 Varieties’ that also appears on its label came from an advertisement Henry saw on a New York train in 1896, for a shoe store boasting “21 styles”. When asked why he chose ‘57’, he said ‘5’ was his lucky number and his wife’s was ‘7’.

World record set in 1986 by Barry Kirk for time spent sitting in a bath full of cold baked beans.