I spy with a plastic covered eye

Coming into focus in 1887, the original contact lens cleared the way for a fresh new look at eye wear. Because plastic had not yet been invented, the first sets were made of glass. A sharp contrast to the soft, plastic lenses popular today.

The modern lens began its journey in 1936, entering a field of vision that is constantly evolving. Recent innovations include silicone hydrogels which allow more oxygen to reach the surface of the eye so they can be worn for longer periods.

Today, Abel + Imray is proud to represent CooperVision, who are at the forefront of advancements in eye-wear technology. Their MiSight® contact lens is clinically proven and FDA approved to slow the development of near-sightedness in children. The benefits of which are clear to see.

Da Vinci’s Code
Leonardo Da Vinci offered a fresh perspective in 1508 when he suggested wearing water-filled glass hemispheres over the eyes to improve vision.