The perfect fit for DuPont’s portfolio

Lycra’s exceptional elasticity has changed sport and fashion wear forever – its invention by scientist Joseph P Shivers in the late 1950s leading to one of the most lucrative products for DuPont™.

A synthetic fibre based on polyurethane, Lycra is also known under Elastane and variants in Europe and Spandex in the US. Shivers had been searching for a fibre to replace rubber in garments when he made the breakthrough. His transformative product could be stretched up to eight times its original length before springing back to its original state.

Ways to use Lycra have multiplied since those early days when it first allowed manufacturers to make women’s girdles offering greater flexibility and breathability than rubber. It was adopted by the French Winter Olympics ski team in 1968, then taken up by the heavy metal bands and fashionistas of the 70s and 80s. Today, Lycra continues to be a must-have for anyone looking for figure hugging comfort and ease of movement. And that’s keen Abel + Imray cyclists included.

Spandex. It's a neat anagram of 'expands'